Jul. 18th, 2010 07:45 pm
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Original screencaps are by teamARTAIL.


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Who: I'm a boring, geeky, lonely person that loves sci-fi, fantasy, and pretending she can draw/write. I'm capable of being very weird, and I enjoy editing other people's work as much as creating my own. I adore Star Trek (TOS and TNG), Firefly, Iron Man, and House M.D. I play World of Warcraft, but nonetheless have other interests (sometimes even outside of the basement, what a shocker!) I love reading, and hate not being immersed in a book. I am still unclear on who or what I want to be: here, however, you can call me Strider, because it'll do just as well as anything else.

What: This journal will likely be a repository of my venting, rambling, and all the like. It might get redundant: I apologize in advance!

Why: I want a backup of my LJ, should something ever happen to the chronicle of my life so far. The crossposting feature allows me to do that. Entries made prior to July 15th are locked to all; everything else is Access List-locked. Feel free to add me: I'll probably add you back!

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